Jaiwook Lee

Alexander Kim

On behalf of the IAKL Extended Board, Officers and Regional Governors, we are honored to welcome you to the 28th International Association of Korean Lawyers (“IAKL”) Conference in Seoul, South Korea.

The 28th International Association of Korean Lawyers Conference will be held from September 28 through Oct 3, 2021.  Unlike the conferences in the past, due to the COVID-19’s impact on the global society, this year’s conference will be held mostly by online with minimal gathering of attendees for local activities to comply with the local health regulations. So, participation of this year’s Conference will be so easy, especially with minimum registration fees.  You can enjoy all programs from your home or office, including social networking programs. 

Founded in 1988, IAKL has grown to a truly global organization with more than 3,500 members in 23 countries and is still expanding ever more.  Through the past three decades, our friendship also has grown throughout the globe. We have contributed to making connections among legal professionals in other organizations. In addition, we also embraced our friends of different nationalities and ethnicities whom practice laws in relation to Korea.

Based on the history of IAKL, we certainly can say that we are an organization with Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging which is the theme for this years’ Conference. Under this theme, we will reach out to each corner of the world with our hands of legal help for both legal societies and non-legal communities.

Even the pandemic cannot stop our growth. Through this year’s Conference, we expect to provide a platform with compatible opportunities to exchange our knowledge, friendship, and advancement. Lawyers serving as in-house counsels, government officials, professors, practitioners in small or large law firms are all invited to join with us to enjoy the network and learn from IAKL friends. In addition, if you are not a member yet, this year’s conference will be an excellent chance for you to join.  The registration fees will be much lower than other years and you can meet all our global members from your home or office through an online platform. You immediately will have a new level of expertise for yourself, and you will have continuous opportunities for your own growth through IAKL committees.

In addition, we would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the
organisations and companies who are with us to support our success with IAKL.  We look forward to seeing you at the 28th IAKL Conference online this year.

Co-president Jaiwook Lee
Co-president Alexander Kim