₩55,000 ($50) Private Practice
₩33,000 ($30) In-House Counsel
₩33,000 ($30) Judge, Prosecutor, Professors, Government Officers, Public Attorneys
₩11,000 ($10) Law School Students
Sponsor Attendee by permission
Not attending

Walking and Trekking Holiday

Inwang Mountain Trail will bring you from Inwang Mountain, a place of calm, to Seochon. The looped walk is suitable for all types of walkers and famous for its beautiful scenery.

WHENOctober 2 (SAT) 9:00AM
WHEREExit 5 of Dongnimmun Station

Activities: Muakjae Skywalk – Moja Stone – Beom Stone – Mae Stone –  Inwang Mountain* – Yoga in Park Inwangsanro* –Lunch and beer in Joengdong*

*  These events may be cancelled to comply with social distancing policy